Thursday, 7 January 2010

Second City looking Savvy

As all loyal Second City Savvy followers know, you gotta fake it til you make it. An awesome accessory, whether designer or otherwise, can instantly elevate an outfit and turn even the most egocentric heads. In the end, it's about getting noticed by those who matter however you can.

Here's hoping those that matter check out SCS's new addition. And if you like what you see, there's more. No faking.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Maybe this time, 2010

Thank you, 2009 for bringing us Glee (postgraduation you didn't bring me much else).

And it is no surprise that my new favorite show would bring me my anthem for the new year (sung by Kristin Chenoweth- I can't help but feel tied to her, what with our likeness and the spelling of our names being the same).

Hoping all the odds are in your favor this year too. Happy New Year!